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First Time Member Application.

We encourage more than one family member to join.  

Each applicant pays $10 ($5 Joining Fee and $5 Annual Membership.)

Membership is on a financial year basis and has been set at $5 per year.

New memberships carryover for the next year if joining within 2 months of the end of the financial year.

Members receive a newsletter 4 times a year, and updates via email as the need arises. Members are also able to access information regarding planning matters that may assist with planning an application or objecting to an inappropriate development.

Membership fees pay for postage and printing, preparing submissions to state and local government reviews and for cases that go to VCAT.

Download New application and post with your application form to:

PO Box 406
Blackburn Vic 3130

Member Renewal.

2019-20 membership renewal form