Planning Issues

Got an Issue?

  • Impacted by a new development application or tree removal?
  • SLO Tree removal. – A protected tree requires a Planning Permit to:
  • Renovations/rebuild that fail on setback, building bulk/height, open space provision or amenity. Review relevant sections of Planing Scheme including overlays.

Objecting to Council regarding a Planning Application.

Useful Council Planning Links.

Other Planning Links and tools.

The Objection Process.

VCAT Hearing – The next step. 

The planning permit applicant will often seek a decision from VCAT if they don’t agree with Councils decision or Council has not decided within 60 days. If you have objected or you now wish to object you are able to put your concerns at the VCAT hearing. VCAT will notify objectors of the hearing date.

Statement of Grounds.

  • Complete online electroninc ‘Statement of Grounds’ by the due date.
  • Print the .pdf form and fill in by pen. Send copies by email or post to applicant, VCAT and Council.
  • Fees may apply
    • Standard fee for individuals presenting a submission at a hearing as at 1 July 2021 is $21.10 for individuals or incorporated groups with less than $200,000 annual turnover, or $10.50 for Health Care card holder. You can choose to provide a written submission without presenting at the hearing for no cost or appoint a proxy to speak on your behalf.
  • If you are unhappy with a Council decision you may apply to VCAT to review the Council decision granting a planning permit. – Application Form (Fees apply)
  • Setting a Hearing Date – VCAT will issue an Order to set a date/s for the hearing (since COVID 19, hearings are held online via Zoom). The Order will list dates for documents to be lodged by all parties.  Expert witness reports are to be provided to VCAT, Council and other parties 10 business days prior to the hearing. (Practice note PNVCAT2 – Expert Evidence). Council and other parties’ submissions are sent to VCAT and all parties 5 business days prior.

Enforcement of permit conditions.

How does Whitehorse Compare with other Councils?