VicRoads proposal – Box Hill to Ringwood Bike Path – Laburnum section

Whitehorse Leader article 29th August.


August 2017 Latest VicRoads Proposal.

There is no safe off road link joining the new shared path at Blackburn to the Box Hill shared path. Instead the use of the Main Street footpath, Laburnum Street roadway and a new 3m wide path through Laburnum Park is proposed.

Blackburn residents are being asked to comment by the end of August 2017. Yes VicRoads have allowed 1 week to comment.

The proposed project can be viewed from this link.

BVRG is encouraging Blackburn residents to have their say.

A survey form has been provided by VicRoads see: Laburnum Section Feedback Form or send a free form email to:

David Lim


Phone 9872 7000

With the reduction in service from Australia Post and the short time frame allowed for responses, hand written letter writers are disadvantaged by the process and will find it difficult to respond in time. You should send your response anyway and ring the above number to advise.


Community Concerns – Shared Use Path Blackburn to Laburnum.

On 24th August 2017, after more than 2 years of consideration, VicRoads announced the revised plans for the Shared Use Path – Blackburn to Laburnum. Residents have been given 1 week to comment.

What is being proposed will not safely accommodate the anticipated bicycle volume from the Nunawading to Blackburn part of the shared path. That part of the path is safe and accessible for pedestrians and anyone on a mobility device. The VicRoads proposal will have poor outcomes from a safety, accessibility and amenity perspectives.

If the ”community preferred’ path to the north of the railway line was adopted many of the safety and amenity issues below would have been avoided.

Main Issues:

  1. Inadequate time provided for a considered response.
  2. Safety concerns for cyclists:
  • Road crossing at Main Street and South Parade.
  • Lane crossing at Diggers Way
  • Road crossing on to Laburnum Street from Main Street – wombat style crossing required
  • Mixing cyclists of all abilities and ages with the already congested and busy Laburnum Street through traffic. No mention is made on strategies to be implemented to return Laburnum Street to a low stress residential street that would make encourage riders to use it including traffic calming and speed restrictions.
  • Road crossing at Laburnum Street at underpass for east bound cyclists. Issues with sight lines, traffic speed and road width – wombat style crossing required. The hazardous nature of this curve is currently acknowledged by the double centre lines marked along the full length of the curve and the long armco barrier to protect pedestrians from cars missing the corner. The road also narrows to clear the underpass.
  • Risk of collision with local residents many with limited mobility who walk to IGA from nearby streets along the western side of Main Street.
  1. Amenity Concerns
  • Tree loss between along Main Street between Laburnum Street and South Parade
  • Further loss of parkland along the linear park along railway from Laburnum Street to Middleborough Road by building a new 3m concrete path rather than widening the existing path.
  • The proposal runs counter to Whitehorse City Council Cycling Strategy to implement low stress cycling routes.
  • Additional traffic congestion at Main Street South Parade because of delays in traffic turning west toward IGA.
  • Main Street shops and cafes, especially those with outdoor tables impacted by commuter cycle traffic along the present footpath.
  • The spill over of potential traffic calming in Laburnum Street will likely to impact other streets such as The Avenue and Myrtle Grove.